Keep Calm and Farm On- A Newleywed’s First Harvest

IMG_4422.jpgI’ve been through many harvests as a farmer’s daughter over the years. I’ve spent hours in the buddy seat, taking meals to the field with my mom, and after I got my license— running people after trucks, tractors, etc. Harvest is by far our “all hands on deck” time of year especially since we also have livestock to care for. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but this season has been a bit of an adjustment for me personally considering my husband and I just got married in August… Nathan works at a local grain elevator and I farm full time with my family, so when we do see each other or even have longer than a 5 minute conversation it’s raining… LOL. Now, don’t get me wrong. We are incredibly blessed and love both of our jobs, but this really isn’t the “honeymoon phase” most couples think of when they think of what being married might be like. That all being said, it’s really hard to find time for yourself in the thick of busy season. Here are some things in the past couple of months I started doing that have helped me get my work done at home and balance farm life.

  1. Take 1 hour in the evening to catch up on laundry, dishes, etc. (whatever you don’t get done will be there tomorrow)
  2. Relax and unwind for 30 min to an hour before bed watching tv, reading, or spending time doing something you enjoy (this time of year I usually curl up with Emmy my cat to watch netflix)
  3. Wake up 30 min. early in the morning to do something for yourself. I usually use this time to think about what I want/need to accomplish for that day or catch up on social media/find a good article to read while drinking my coffee.
  4. No matter how big of a bump in the road you run into REMAIN CALM. Offer solutions rather than more panic. Remember, the ag world needs women, too!
  5.  Whether you’re a farm wife, woman farmer, running the grain cart, combine, or driving a semi just remember harvest will end! Sometimes it seems like its never ending, but look out at God’s bountiful crops and thank him that we are some of the people chosen to farm. If nothing else, keep calm and farm on.mydesign

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