Sleek Makeup Review

I am a HUGE fan of I count on their user reviews for so many products I buy and try! I have used this for household items, makeup, cleaning supplies, airlines… you name it!

I recently received what is called a voxbox to try and review for an awesome brand called SleekmakeupUSA. I had never heard of this brand until Influenster sent me their products and I am so glad that they did! Here is a photo of what I received.

I got an eyeshadow palette, a liquid eyeliner, and a highlighting palette. Here’s how they rank in my book!

1. Fierce Felt Liner in “zodiac black”

I listed this item first because it is AMAZING. I use liquid liner nearly every day and I am so impressed with this. The formula goes on really easily and the felt tip makes it simple to apply! I wore it all day without it budging! Not to mention, you can get this for $6.99 at (link below).


2. Highlighting palette in “cleopatra’s kiss”

First off, I really like the gold packaging. Ultimately, the product is what matters, but this packaging is gorgeous and doesn’t overwhelm. This palette is really nice and versatile. It has 2 cream highlighters (top right and bottom left pans) and 2 powder highlighters. If not for the powder highlights, purchase this palette for the creams alone. They are packed full of pigment and feel luxurious on the skin. The powders aren’t bad for the price, but I am not impressed with the bottom right pan simply for the fact it’s a little glittery for me. It would be pretty on top of a different highlighter as just a topper, though. Here are the swatches:

Top 2 are the creams and bottom 2 are the powders. Overall, this is a great highlighting palette for the price! You can grab this for $14.99 at Ulta. (link below)


3. Eyeshadow palette in “Vintage Romance”

This palette is last on my list, but definitely stands well on its own. There are 12 colors included and almost all of the colors are really pigmented. Here are my swatches:

This photo above is the top row from left to right. As you can see, there are 5 foil like shadows and 1 matte. All of these colors on the top impressed me. I can create 3 or 4 looks just off of the top row!

Here is the bottom row from left to right. I was less impressed with this half of the palette, but not because of pigmentation, but more towards the fact that there are no mattes on bottom. The bottom has glittery/shimmer colors and they are great for some, but for my everyday wear I don’t use glitter.

Overall, the shadows are nice quality for the price and I would consider purchasing one of their shadow palettes! You can get this for $12.99 at ulta. (Link below.)


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